Anna the Prophetess

It is wonderful to see the quality of the men and women surrounding the birth of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. The good news that the Messiah was born was not celebrated by all, but it was celebrated by faithful believers who had diligently watched for and anticipated Christ’s coming, and whom… Continue Reading

À Qui rendons-nous grâces à juste titre ?

Quand j’étais une petite fille, je me rappelle avoir été agréablement surprise lorsque j’ai reçu des vêtements gratuits d’une amie de la famille. Ils avaient des couleurs vives ; ils étaient mignons et pleins de jolis motifs. Je les ai aimés ! J’étais ravie d’ouvrir le sac et d’essayer les vêtements, mais ensuite mon père m’a demandé… Continue Reading

¿A quién debemos dar las gracias?

Recuerdo cuando era niña la grata sorpresa de recibir unas prendas de vestir que me obsequió una amiga de la familia. Eran brillantes, lindas y con hermosos diseños. ¡Me gustaron mucho! Yo quería abrir la bolsa y probarme la ropa, pero mi papá me detuvo para recordarme que agradeciera primero. Pero más allá de decirle… Continue Reading

Simeon Meets the Christ Child

Forty-one days after Jesus Christ’s birth, his parents, Joseph and Mary, brought him to the Temple to present him to the Lord. This was according to an Old Testament law that many Judean parents would have upheld from generation to generation. As Joseph and Mary walked through the Temple, it is possible there would have… Continue Reading

The Shepherds Receive God’s Announcement

One of my favorite pastimes as a parent is to read God’s Word with my children and talk to them about it. Helping their young minds understand the remarkable events God had recorded in His Word is such a blessing and a privilege. One such event, found in Luke 2, is God’s angels appearing to… Continue Reading

Making Time to Fellowship with Believers

It was a cold fall morning when we set out to go to the park. We had a plan to meet with people from our home fellowship that morning and exercise together. Despite the cold, a good number of people came, and we had a great time fellowshipping together. As we walked, we shared our… Continue Reading

Keys to Operating Our Ministry of Reconciliation

Imagine you had a very rich uncle who left you his big mansion in his will. You receive the keys to this mansion, and they’re really old keys that open even older doors with countless mysteries and treasures behind them. You finally get to find out what is inside, and who knows what fun and… Continue Reading

Choisissons sagement la sagesse

Dieu a donné à l’homme le libre arbitre de choisir son propre chemin dans la vie. Un choix de vie est le suivant : quelle sorte de sagesse vais-je poursuivre pour diriger ma vie ? La Parole de Dieu parle de deux sortes de sagesse. Le type de sagesse que nous choisissons déterminera notre qualité… Continue Reading

Escojamos sabiamente la sabiduría

Dios le ha dado a la humanidad libre albedrío para escoger su propio camino en la vida. Una decisión de vida es la siguiente: ¿qué sabiduría voy a seguir para guiar mi vida con ella? La Palabra de Dios habla de dos tipos de sabiduría. El tipo de sabiduría que escojamos determinará nuestra calidad de… Continue Reading

Paul’s Example of Reconciling Others

Recently I was sent to an area for six months of focused outreach in our ministry’s Way Disciple outreach program. The area my team and I were sent to wasn’t heavily populated. They didn’t have a lot of the popular “hot spots” that I was used to frequenting in the cities I had lived in… Continue Reading

Who Do We Lead to Christ?

God wants “…all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth” (I Timothy 2:4). As born-again believers, we are the ones entrusted with leading others to Christ, “…for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” but by the name of Jesus Christ… Continue Reading

We Have the Ministry of Reconciliation

Out of all the ages in God’s spiritual timetable, out of all the millennia that have come and gone since Adam was created, you and I have the great privilege of living in the Grace Administration. It’s only in this Grace Administration that men and women have been given the responsibility and honor of reconciling… Continue Reading

Bearing Burdens by Speaking in Tongues

Galatians 6:2: Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. The Word of God exhorts us to bear each other’s burdens. How far does this exhortation extend? I might see and assist someone who needs help carrying groceries, or perhaps I can help a motorist with a flat tire—but what about… Continue Reading

Un remède contre l’incertitude

Tout au long de notre vie, chacun de nous sera confronté à des situations d’incertitude concernant des faits, des résultats ou une meilleure façon de procéder. Un remède en période d’incertitude est de nous confier absolument en Dieu et compter sur Lui Qui est omniscient et tout-puissant. Proverbes 3:5,6 : Confie-toi en l’Éternel de tout… Continue Reading

Un remedio para la incertidumbre

A lo largo de nuestras vidas, cada uno de nosotros enfrentará situaciones de incertidumbre—con respecto a hechos, a resultados o a la mejor manera de proceder. Un remedio para esos momentos de incertidumbre es que nosotros depositemos nuestra máxima confianza en Dios, Quien es omnisciente y todopoderoso. Proverbios 3:5,6: Fíate de Jehová de todo tu… Continue Reading

Developing a “Heart Healthy” Study Plan

Heart health is important. The heart is the organ that pumps blood throughout the body. The blood is what carries life for our flesh. Therefore, the heart is essential to life, and a healthy heart is essential to a healthy life. There are a number of resources available to help us take care of our… Continue Reading

Guarding Our Hearts

We live in a world that constantly bombards our minds with political, social, economic, and other sorts of information. We could easily get swept up in the midst of all this knowledge and become overloaded with worldly information; so it is important that we guard our hearts. Guarding our hearts helps us to manage the… Continue Reading

Staying Connected to God’s Heart

As a young adult, I am accustomed to using the Internet as a means for quick information. Whether I am catching up on my friends’ vacations through their social media, looking up the scores to last night’s big sports game, or finding the nearest theater to watch the newest blockbuster movie, I am tapped into… Continue Reading

Building Faithfulness in Biblical Pursuits

Throughout His Word, God places great value on faithfulness. In fact, building faithfulness to God is a noble pursuit that demonstrates our love for Him as we endeavor to live according to His will. One way we demonstrate our love for God is by faithfully keeping His Word. I John 5:3: For this is the… Continue Reading

Les communions au foyer bougeant la Parole ensemble

Mon petit-fils et moi prenions notre déjeuner dans un restaurant local lorsqu’il me dit : « Regarde, Grand-maman, elle a une Bible ; témoignons-lui la Parole. » C’est exactement ce que nous avons fait. Ensemble, nous avons pris le temps de partager la Parole de Dieu avec cette femme et de l’aider à comprendre ce… Continue Reading

Movamos la Palabra juntos en las comuniones de casa

Mi nieto y yo almorzábamos en un restaurante de la ciudad cuando él me dijo: «Mira abuela, ella tiene una Biblia; vamos a testificarle». Y eso fue lo que hicimos. Juntos tomamos el tiempo para compartir la Palabra de Dios con esta señora y ayudarla a entender lo que ella estaba leyendo. Hechos 2:47: Alabando… Continue Reading

Jesus Christ: Our Example of Faithfulness

Faithfulness to do God’s Word is a worthwhile pursuit. It shows our love for God and helps us build a powerful relationship with our heavenly Father. There are many faithful men and women that we read about in God’s Word, and we can see the powerful impact of their lives. We have such examples as… Continue Reading

Examples of Faithfulness: Abraham and Moses

People who love God carry out His will faithfully. They live according to His Word in their day-to-day actions. We see this in the examples of Abraham and Moses. Abraham’s and Moses’ faithfulness to live according to God’s Word allowed them to enjoy the blessings of a close and powerful relationship with God. Let’s consider… Continue Reading

The Value of Faithfulness

The game of football is a team sport. There is a head coach who trains and teaches the players how to perform to be their best. Then there are individual athletes who make up the team. Each player performs unique responsibilities to help the team’s overall success. Each player has to take personal responsibility to… Continue Reading

The God of Faithfulness

What makes something worth trusting in? For example, what about a bank—why do I trust in my bank? One reason is that over the years, my bank has shown me that it is faithful to carry out what it promises it will carry out. It consistently fulfills its word. But does that mean I can… Continue Reading

What Are Some Benefits of Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude?

As a new organic gardener, I desire that my garden is healthy and fruitful. I’m learning that for plants to grow and thrive, they require faithful maintenance. If there is a period of time that I don’t maintain the garden by weeding, pruning, watering, and controlling pests and disease, plants suffer. On the other hand,… Continue Reading

Exerçons la communication selon Dieu

Je me rappelle avoir entendu une histoire au sujet d’une compétition entre le Vent et le Soleil pour savoir qui était le plus fort. Le Vent vit un homme marcher dans la rue et mit le Soleil au défi, disant qu’il pouvait ôter la veste de l’homme avant que le Soleil ne le pût. Le… Continue Reading

La comunicación según Dios en el trabajo

Recuerdo haber escuchado una historia sobre una competencia entre el Viento y el Sol para saber quién era el más fuerte. El Viento vio a un hombre caminando por la calle y retó al Sol diciendo que él podía quitarle la chaqueta al hombre antes que el Sol pudiera hacerlo. El Sol aceptó el reto.… Continue Reading

What Are Some of Our Daily Blessings?

As born-again believers, we are exhorted to give thanks in everything, in all things (I Thessalonians 5:18). In this Age of Grace, we have much to be thankful for. Why? Because God’s accomplished work in Christ Jesus has changed our lives. We can now expect to live a life that is more than abundant, to… Continue Reading

Réclamons la vie dans l’abondance

Quand j’ai entendu pour la première fois l’expression « la vie dans l’abondance », qui est basée sur Jean 10:10, je pensais que cela signifiait l’abondance physique qui est disponible — un travail bien rémunéré, une belle voiture, de beaux vêtements, une belle maison — toutes les choses dans le domaine physique qui rendraient une… Continue Reading

Reclamemos la vida en abundancia

Cuando escuché por primera vez el término «la vida en abundancia», el cual está basado en Juan 10:10, pensé que se trataba de la abundancia física que está disponible—como un buen trabajo con un buen sueldo, un carro bonito, una vestimenta bonita, una casa bonita—todas las cosas en el ámbito físico que harían a una… Continue Reading

When Do We Give Thanks?

In my extended family, we do our best to gather together for a meal in November each year on the special American holiday of Thanksgiving. As we sit around the table in a home or in a restaurant, one tradition we uphold is to have each person at the table say at least one thing… Continue Reading

Colaboradores con Dios en la difusión

Encuentro que las actividades, proyectos y los eventos son más divertidos cuando puedo hacerlos con otros en vez de hacerlos solo. Cuando alcanzamos a otros con la Palabra y el amor de Dios, ¡nunca estamos solos, porque somos colaboradores con Dios en la difusión! I Corintios 3:9: Porque nosotros somos colaboradores de Dios, y vosotros… Continue Reading

Ouvriers avec Dieu dans la diffusion

Je trouve que les activités, les projets et les événements sont plus plaisants lorsque j’ai l’occasion d’y participer avec d’autres gens plutôt que de me retrouver tout seul. Alors que nous atteignons les autres avec la Parole de Dieu et Son amour, nous ne sommes jamais seuls : nous sommes ouvriers avec Dieu dans la diffusion !… Continue Reading

To Whom Do We Rightly Give Thanks?

When I was a young girl, I remember being pleasantly surprised when I received free clothes from a family friend. They were bright and cute and full of pretty designs. I loved them! I was excited to open the bag and try the clothes on, but then my dad had me stop and reminded me… Continue Reading

Walking in Wisdom as a Young Person

As a small child, one of the characteristics I admired about my parents was how they always knew what to do when situations arose. I would often wonder how one becomes this knowledgeable about handling so many scenarios and challenges. Was it from a life class one takes in school? A manual people are given… Continue Reading

Walking with Godly Wisdom at Work

One of the areas in which so many of us spend our time and energy is the workplace. Day after day we have the opportunity to contribute our talents, our labor, and our love to the workplace, positively affecting our fellow employees and the work environment. No matter what job we have or where our… Continue Reading

He Is Risen!

Many Christians today know and believe that Jesus Christ was crucified for them. But the greatness of Christianity does not stop at the cross. The greatness of Christianity lies in the fact that something special happened after Jesus’ death. Something occurred which had never happened to any other human being. God raised Jesus Christ from… Continue Reading

Choosing Wisdom Wisely

God has given mankind free will to choose their own path in life. One life choice is, what kind of wisdom will I follow after and direct my life with? God’s Word tells of two kinds of wisdom. The type of wisdom we choose will determine our quality of life. What are the two kinds… Continue Reading

Speaking Pleasant Words in Our Home Fellowships

Home fellowships are a spiritual safe haven for God’s people to get built up, be encouraged, and see deliverance as they move God’s prevailing Word together. As members of a home fellowship, we can make a powerful impact as we speak pleasant words to each other. Speaking pleasant words to those in our fellowship is… Continue Reading

A Remedy for Uncertainty

Throughout the course of our lives, each one of us will face situations of uncertainty—regarding facts, outcomes, or the best way to proceed. A remedy in times of uncertainty is our utmost trust and reliance on God, Who is all-knowing and all-powerful. Proverbs 3:5,6: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not… Continue Reading

Étudier la Parole de Dieu

Lorsque nous naissons de nouveau (Romains 10:9,10), nous recevons de Dieu le don de saint esprit. Ce don s’accompagne de la capacité de marcher puissamment comme Jésus-Christ a marché, et la clé pour manifester cette puissance consiste à aligner nos pensées et nos actions sur la Parole de Dieu. C’est ainsi que nous sommes transformés… Continue Reading

Estudiemos la Palabra de Dios

Cuando renacemos (Romanos 10:9,10), recibimos el don de espíritu santo de parte de Dios. Con ese don viene la habilidad de andar poderosamente así como Jesucristo anduvo, y la clave para manifestar este poder es alinear nuestro modo de pensar y nuestras acciones con la Palabra de Dios. Así es cómo somos transformados por medio… Continue Reading

Strengthening and Encouraging One Another

Have you ever been tempted with overwhelming discouragement as you faced a daunting task by yourself? I know I have. In one situation, I had a time limit on when my task at home needed to be done, and I thought it was something I needed to do by myself. The size of the task… Continue Reading

Caring for One Another in Our Home Fellowships

Being a part of a home fellowship that is learning and growing is exciting. With this growth happening in our fellowships, how can we each help keep it growing? One way our fellowships keep growing is by the loving care we put into helping one another live the Word. In our fellowships we undershepherd, lovingly… Continue Reading

Home Fellowships Moving the Word Together

My grandson and I were eating lunch at a local restaurant when he said to me, “Look, Grandma, she has a Bible; let’s witness to her.” We did just that. Together, we took the time to share God’s Word with this woman and help her understand what she was reading. Acts 2:47: Praising God, and… Continue Reading

Stewardship on the Job

I have the joy to fellowship and share my life with many believers who work in varied occupations. One evening at our Bible fellowship, we began talking about our jobs and different godly principles we apply at work as good stewards of our time, of the resources available to us on the job, and of… Continue Reading

Ponerse de acuerdo con Dios

«Creo que puedo, creo que puedo, creo que puedo», repetía la pequeña locomotora azul, a medida que subía por el carril en la montaña para llevar juguetes y buena comida a los niños al otro lado de la montaña. Este clásico cuento infantil en inglés, The Little Engine That Could [La pequeña locomotora que podía],… Continue Reading

Être d’accord avec Dieu

« Je pense que je puis – je pense que je puis – je pense que je puis ». Ainsi répétait la petite locomotive bleue alors qu’elle gravissait la voie ferrée sur le versant de la montagne pour apporter des jouets et de la bonne nourriture aux enfants de l’autre côté de la montagne. Ce conte classique… Continue Reading

Bringing Our Gratitude to Work

As a child, whenever I received a gift from someone, my mother would sit me down with pen and paper and ask me to write a thank-you note to the person. She taught me that people feel valued when their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. God’s Word tells us that this kind of expression of… Continue Reading

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