Biblical Examples of Women Strong in the Lord

January is a time when I typically set big spiritual goals—ones that inspire me to elevate my believing to a new level. By studying Biblical examples, I find principles to help me be strong in the Lord while I pursue these goals. Rahab and Ruth repeatedly inspire me because, like me, they were women who… Continue Reading

Biblical Examples of Men Strong in the Lord

God encourages His people to be strong in the Lord. Ephesians 6:10: Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Often one’s strength isn’t obvious until challenges arise, but we can be strong in the Lord anytime by faithfully believing God’s Word and carrying it out. Throughout the… Continue Reading

Encouraging Life Lines

December 31 is the birth date of the Founding President of The Way International, Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille. Through his teaching ministry, he not only inspired men and women to love God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Word, but he also showed from the Scriptures how to live a victorious life by maintaining a… Continue Reading

Staying on Course: Nehemiah

Have you ever been certain you were supposed to do something for God, yet you had trouble getting it completed? Perhaps other activities or challenges arose, and you got distracted. To stay on course with our godly goals, we want to be aware of distractions and learn how to handle them. The Book of Nehemiah… Continue Reading

Believing for Victory: Picture It!

Have you ever watched an Olympic skier right before a downhill run? Sometimes the athlete will, with eyes closed, picture himself performing perfectly on every part of the course. I’ve been told that successful athletes picture themselves as champions, and they rehearse their believing images of victory over and over. As a born-again believer—a spiritual… Continue Reading

Apportons la vie et la paix par nos paroles

Les paroles que nous prononçons sont puissantes. Elles peuvent avoir une influence positive ou négative sur les autres. Proverbes 18:21 l’exprime ainsi : « La mort et la vie sont au pouvoir de la langue… ». Par nos paroles, nous avons le pouvoir d’apporter la vie et la paix aux autres. Deux moyens pratiques pour nous aider à… Continue Reading

Traer vida y paz con nuestras palabras

Las palabras que decimos son poderosas. Pueden afectar a otros ya sea positiva o negativamente. Proverbios 18:21 lo dice de la siguiente manera: «La muerte y la vida están en poder de la lengua…». Con nuestras palabras tenemos el poder de dar vida y paz a otros. Dos maneras prácticas para ayudarnos a lograr esto… Continue Reading

Believing for Victory: Get Clear and Concerned

I’ll never forget the day when I finally stopped the mental habit of condemning myself every time I made a mistake! When I learned that it was God’s will for me to be free from self-condemnation, I wanted that freedom. But I soon realized that just knowing that truth didn’t make my mental habit of… Continue Reading

Setting and Achieving Godly Goals

In life there may be many things that we would like to achieve to bring glory to God. At times we may start off going in one direction but end up somewhere we never expected to be. Distractions and temptations abound. So, how can we stay on track toward achieving our godly goals? Here are… Continue Reading

La suficiencia de Dios ayer, hoy y mañana

Yo vivo en una ciudad metropolitana muy grande en los Estados Unidos, donde a veces se me presentan diferentes retos o necesidades que surgen en las categorías físicas, mentales y espirituales. Puede que me encuentre preguntándome: «¿Tendré suficiente…?» y completo la pregunta en mi mente con algo que necesito. Necesidades comunes que vienen a mi… Continue Reading

La suffisance de Dieu hier, aujourd’hui et demain

Je vis dans une très grande ville métropolitaine aux États-Unis, où je suis parfois confrontée à divers défis ou besoins qui surviennent dans les catégories physique, mentale et spirituelle. Parfois je me demande : « En aurai-je assez… » et je complète la question dans mon intelligence par quelque chose dont j’ai besoin. Les besoins courants qui viennent… Continue Reading

Helping Others to Grow in the Word

Every person has the potential to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s magnificent Word, and we can help them grow! We can help people by following Jesus Christ’s example of being a shepherd. He helped others grow by spending quality time with them and by teaching them the Word of God. The loving… Continue Reading

Growing as We Speak the Word to Others

When our children were young, we would record their growth by placing a mark on the wall just above their heads. Once they stepped away from the wall, the first thing they did was to compare the difference between the previous mark and the current one. Then they would exclaim, “Look how much I’ve grown!”… Continue Reading

Growing by Sowing the Word

In school my children participated in a gardening class. They helped prepare the soil and sow the seeds. However, this was not a onetime activity. They would go out faithfully to take care of the garden by watering it and removing weeds or destructive bugs. Because we lived in an area that had warm weather… Continue Reading

Biblical Truths We Must Adhere to: To Whom It Is Addressed

When our children were in high school, we received an invitation to the wedding and reception of a dear couple. Our family was delighted with the occasion, but I remember I had to go back and double-check which members of our family were invited. Checking the names on the envelope, I found that it was… Continue Reading

Overcoming Fear by Believing Action

The believer’s greatest enemy in life is fear, because fear, in its least common denominator, is unbelief; and unbelief defeats the promises of God. Where we have fear, it handcuffs our ability to believe God. Proverbs 29:25 gives us the answer to overcome fear. Proverbs 29:25: The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso… Continue Reading

Le travail d’équipe : Travailler ensemble dans l’unité

Dieu nous a appelés à jouer dans Son équipe, le Corps de Christ ! Nous avons un guide de jeu, la Parole de Dieu ; nous avons des coéquipiers, d’autres croyants nés de nouveau ; nous avons un but, gagner dans la compétition spirituelle ; et nous sommes résolus. Nous sommes prêts à jouer. Nous avons… Continue Reading

Trabajo en equipo: trabajando juntos en unidad

¡Dios nos ha llamado a competir en Su equipo, el Cuerpo de Cristo! Tenemos un manual de reglas, la Palabra de Dios; tenemos compañeros de equipo, otros creyentes renacidos; tenemos una meta, ganar en la competencia espiritual; y tenemos determinación. Estamos listos para competir. Sólo necesitamos saber cómo competir juntos como equipo. El cómo es… Continue Reading

How to Stand Strong and Not Faint

As born-again believers, we strive to be strong in our walk and in our stand for God. But at times we may face obstacles or challenges that can tempt us to faint in our minds and to think we’re not strong enough to stand. Well, God’s Word shows us that it is available to stand… Continue Reading

Un style de vie de service avec amour

Avez-vous jamais été si reconnaissant et si plein d’amour à cause de quelque chose que quelqu’un avait fait pour vous au point que vous vouliez d’une manière ou d’une autre le bénir en retour ? Certainement personne n’a fait davantage pour nous que n’en a fait Dieu. Et une manière dont nous pouvons Le bénir en… Continue Reading

Un estilo de vida de servicio amoroso

¿Alguna vez se ha sentido tan agradecido y tan lleno de amor debido a algo que alguien hizo por usted que quería de alguna manera bendecirlos de vuelta? Ciertamente nadie ha hecho más por nosotros que Dios. Y una manera en la que podemos bendecirle de vuelta a Dios es vivir vidas de servicio amoroso.… Continue Reading

Super-Überwinder in allen Lebenslagen

Kannst Du dich daran erinnern, wie es war, als Du beim Sport darauf warten musstest, bis Du in eines von zwei Teams ausgewählt wurdest, die gegeneinander antreten sollten? Vielleicht für ein Basketballspiel oder ein Volleyballspiel? Für gewöhnlich wird für jedes Team ein Mannschaftskapitän bestimmt, der dann abwechselnd seine Mitspieler wählt. Ein kluger und fähiger Mannschaftskapitän… Continue Reading

Facing Adversity with Courage

Firefighters, law enforcement officers, military members, emergency room doctors—there is something that makes these professionals stand out from the crowd. In order to help, they run toward adverse situations when a more instinctive reaction might be to run away from them. They are able to do this in large part because of the instruction and… Continue Reading

Word Conditioned, Not Circumstance Controlled

How would you like to develop a mind-set that can help you overcome challenges that come your way? When challenges arise, we always have a choice to make: either we can allow circumstances to have control over us and defeat us, or we can overcome circumstances with God’s Word. Being Word conditioned and not circumstance… Continue Reading

The Scripture Interprets Itself: Used Before

We have examined previously how the Word of God interprets itself in the verse and in the context. If a word, expression, or idea does not interpret itself in the verse or in the context, another key is to examine where it has been used before, its previous usage. We will apply this Biblical research… Continue Reading

Manifesting God’s Kindness in Our Actions

For us as born-again believers, we have the ability to show God’s kindness to others. His kindness is an aspect of the love of God we have in our hearts because of the gift of holy spirit given to us in the new birth. Romans 5:5: …the love of God is shed abroad in our… Continue Reading

Becoming a Doer of the Word

Have you ever wondered, “How does God want me to love Him? How do I show Him that I love Him?” I show members of my family that I love them by doing acts of service for them, by giving them things that they like, by telling them things I like about them. I love… Continue Reading

Bringing Life and Peace with Our Words

The words we speak are powerful. They can affect others either positively or negatively. Proverbs 18:21 says it this way: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue….” With our words we have the power to bring life and peace to others. Two practical ways to help us accomplish this are to pause… Continue Reading

The Scripture Interprets Itself: In the Context

All Scripture interprets itself in the verse, in the context, and as used before. In previous articles we focused on how the Scripture interprets itself in the verse. Now let’s consider how the Scripture interprets itself in the context. Context means the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw… Continue Reading

Bountiful Living via Bountiful Giving

God has established immutable laws that govern all of life. Immutable means unchangeable. One immutable law is the prosperity principle of giving. As we give of our abundance with love and cheerfulness out of a heart of thankfulness, we do receive God’s bountiful blessings. In Biblical times, farmers sowed, or planted, seed by broadcasting: they… Continue Reading

God’s People Have So Much to Give!

When I was twenty-one years old and approaching college graduation, I started to seriously consider what I was going to do with my life. I had a desire to help others, so I asked myself, what do I have to give? At first I thought about my secular skills and the college degree I would… Continue Reading

God’s Sufficiency Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I live in a very large metropolitan city in the United States, where I am presented at times with different challenges or needs that arise in physical, mental, and spiritual categories. I may find myself asking, “Will I have enough…” and I complete the question in my mind with something that I need. Common needs… Continue Reading

La autoridad de los padres en la crianza de los hijos

Cuando estuve con mi hija después del nacimiento de su primer hijo, pensé en todo el gozo que le vendría a la vida de ella y de su esposo al decidir criar a su hijo en la disciplina y la amonestación del Señor. ¿Habrán retos por el camino? Absolutamente. Sin embargo, a medida que los… Continue Reading

L’autorité d’un parent dans l’éducation des enfants

Alors que j’étais avec ma fille après la naissance de son premier enfant, j’ai pensé à toute la joie qui continuera d’affluer dans sa vie et celle de son mari à mesure qu’ils décident d’élever leur enfant en le corrigeant et en l’instruisant selon le Seigneur. Y aura-t-il des défis en cours de route ? Absolument.… Continue Reading

Gottes Gabe heiliger Geist

Gott ist der größte Geschenkemacher aller Zeiten. Er weiß, was und wann wir etwas benötigen und Er hat die Mittel, überschwänglich darauf zu antworten über alles hinaus, was wir bitten oder verstehen (Epheser 3:20). Zum Zeitpunkt der Wiedergeburt gibt Gott jedem einzelnen Seiner neuen Söhne oder Töchter ein ganz spezielles Geschenk – die Gabe heiliger… Continue Reading

Together Everyone Accomplishes More

I would like to tell you a story about a team that accomplished something great. However, I am not going to tell you about a sports team or a military team or a law enforcement team. This team I am referring to accomplished something great for God around two thousand years ago! The story I… Continue Reading

Josua: Auf Gott vertrauend

Josua ist ein hervorragendes Beispiel dafür, was es heißt, für Gott zu stehen. Er überwand viele scheinbar unüberwindbare Hindernisse und siegte überlegend. Er war weder entmutigt durch die Größe der Hindernisse, die ihn herausforderten, noch durch die Anzahl der Feinde, denen er gegenüberstand und er erbrachte bemerkenswerte Leistungen. Dies geschah nicht durch seine eigene Stärke… Continue Reading

Teamwork: Bringing God’s Power into Impact

Teamwork—working together in unity to pursue an organized joint effort—is illustrated throughout the Bible. That’s because believing and working together in unity is a vital part of carrying out God’s will. In the Gospels let’s consider records of people who believed together and worked as unified teams to bring God’s power into impact. When people… Continue Reading

Super vainqueurs dans toutes les situations de la vie

Vous rappelez-vous un temps où vous attendiez d’être choisi pour l’une de deux équipes qui allaient s’opposer l’une à l’autre dans une compétition ? Peut-être pour un match de base-ball ou un match de volley-ball ? Généralement, un capitaine était désigné pour chaque équipe, et ensuite, ils choisissaient les coéquipiers à tour de rôle. Un capitaine fort… Continue Reading

Super vencedores en todas las situaciones de la vida

¿Se recuerda usted de algún momento cuando esperaba ser escogido para uno de los dos equipos que competirían uno contra el otro? ¿Quizá era para un juego de béisbol o de voleibol? Generalmente, designaban a un capitán para cada equipo, y luego se turnaban escogiendo los compañeros de equipo. Un capitán inteligente y fuerte escogería… Continue Reading

Teamwork: The Importance of Each Individual

Recently, the house next to mine was damaged and needed to be rebuilt. This required the efforts of the insurance company, the general contractor, the subcontractors, the laborers, the vendors supplying the materials, and many others. Every individual involved was vital to the project’s success. I enjoyed watching them work together as a team to… Continue Reading

Le don de saint esprit de Dieu

Dieu est le plus grand donneur de tous les temps. Il sait ce dont nous avons besoin et quand nous en avons besoin, et Il a les ressources pour combler nos besoins infiniment au-delà de tout ce que nous pourrions jamais demander ou penser (Éphésiens 3:20). Chaque fois que quelqu’un naît de nouveau, Dieu donne… Continue Reading

El don de Dios de espíritu santo

Dios es el donador de dones más grande de todos los tiempos. Él sabe qué necesitamos y cuándo lo necesitamos, y Él tiene los recursos para suplir nuestras necesidades mucho más abundantemente de lo que jamás podemos pedir o entender (Efesios 3:20). Cuando alguien renace, Dios le da a Su nuevo hijo o hija un… Continue Reading

Teamwork: Working Together in Unity

God has called us to play on His team, the Body of Christ! We have a playbook, God’s Word; we have teammates, other born-again believers; we have a goal, to win in the spiritual competition; and we have determination. We are ready to play. We just need to know how to play together as a… Continue Reading

Serving by Leading

A tremendous avenue for Christian service is to avail oneself of opportunities to lead God’s people. A true Christian leader helps those he or she is leading to live God’s Word and thus to live the more abundant life. What better way is there to lead others than the way God leads? With His love,… Continue Reading

Die Hoffnung: die Wiedervereinigung

Kurz nachdem Jesus in den Himmel aufgefahren war, erschienen den Aposteln zwei Engel und sagten: „… Dieser Jesus, der von euch weg gen Himmel aufgenommen wurde, wird so wiederkommen, wie ihr ihn habt gen Himmel fahren sehen“ (Apostelgeschichte 1:11). Zu wissen, dass Jesus Christus wiederkommt, ist von Bedeutung für den Wandel eines wiedergeborenen Gläubigen. Dieses… Continue Reading

Serving by Helping

What price could be put on the power of God that delivers people and sets them free from their bondage? God needs men, women, and young people who are willing to serve by helping others live the more abundant life. God has given every believer a unique function to perform, and He has even placed… Continue Reading

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