Parenting with God’s Vision

One great privilege of life is choosing to become parents. This rewarding part of life is also a great responsibility. Thankfully, as believing parents we have the Bible as our resource for what is right in regard to raising children. In the Bible we learn it is our responsibility to lovingly teach our children to… Continue Reading

A Parent’s Authority in Child Raising

When I was with my daughter after the birth of her first child, I thought about all the joy that will continue to come into her and her husband’s lives as they decide to raise their child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Will there be challenges along the way? Absolutely. However, as… Continue Reading

We Are Equipped to Help One Another

While I was rock climbing with my friends, I gained valuable understanding about helping my fellow believers through challenges in life. I used to hesitate to help people going through challenges because I didn’t know if I would be strong enough to help them bear their heavy burden, but as I was belaying my climbing… Continue Reading

Josué s’était confié en Dieu

Josué est un excellent exemple de quelqu’un qui a tenu pour Dieu. Il a affronté plusieurs obstacles apparemment insurmontables avec une victoire prévalente. Non découragé par la taille des obstacles qui l’ont éprouvé, ni par le nombre d’ennemis auxquels il a fait face, Josué a accompli des prouesses remarquables. Ce n’était pas par sa propre… Continue Reading

Josué: Confiando en Dios

Josué es un excelente ejemplo de alguien que estuvo firme por Dios. Él enfrentó muchos obstáculos que parecían insuperables con victorias prevalecientes. Sin desalentarse por el tamaño del obstáculo que lo retaba, ni por la cantidad de enemigos que enfrentó, Josué logró extraordinarias proezas. Esto no sucedió por medio de su propia fuerza o habilidad… Continue Reading

Moving Forward in Unexpected Challenges

As a scientist I am very thankful that God set up the physical systems on earth with great order. I have relied on that order to develop successful experiments. A successful experiment gives a predictable result and can be performed by different people at different times in different locations and will always yield the same… Continue Reading

Thankfulness: A Remedy for Defeat

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? I certainly have. When I was younger I used to compare myself to my four older siblings—they were talented, smart, outgoing, and had many friends. I felt as if I didn’t measure up to them. Comparing myself to my older siblings made me feel sad and defeated. One… Continue Reading

La Esperanza: La gran reunión

Poco tiempo después de que Jesús ascendiera al cielo, dos ángeles aparecieron a los apóstoles diciendo: «…Este mismo Jesús, que ha sido tomado de vosotros al cielo, así vendrá como le habéis visto ir al cielo» (Hechos 1:11). Saber que Jesucristo vendrá nuevamente es vital para el andar del creyente renacido. Nos da paciencia, resistencia… Continue Reading

L’Espérance : le rassemblement

Peu après que Jésus est monté au ciel, deux anges sont apparus aux apôtres en disant : « … Ce Jésus, qui a été enlevé au ciel du milieu de vous, reviendra de la même manière que vous l’avez vu allant au ciel » (Actes 1:11). Savoir que Jésus-Christ revient est vital à la marche du croyant né… Continue Reading

Der Schlüssel zur Kraft

Wenn wir wiedergeboren werden (Römer 10:9,10), erhalten wir Gottes Gabe heiligen Geist und können somit durch Seine Kraft und mit Seiner Hilfe Christus ähnlicher werden. Der Schlüssel zur Freisetzung dieser geistlichen Kraft findet sich in Römer, Kapitel 12: Römer 12:1,2: Ich ermahne euch nun, Brüder und Schwestern, durch die Barmherzigkeit Gottes, dass ihr euren Leib… Continue Reading

Superconquerors in All of Life’s Situations

Do you remember a time when you were waiting to be chosen for one of two teams that would be competing against each other? Perhaps for a baseball game or a volleyball game? Generally, a captain would be designated for each team, and then they would take turns choosing teammates. A smart, strong captain would… Continue Reading

Interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy: Some Questions Answered

I Corinthians 12:8-10 lists nine distinct manifestations, or evidences, of the gift of holy spirit. By their nature, the nine manifestations divide into three groups with three specific manifestations in each group. One group is the inspirational, or worship, manifestations, and it includes speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and prophecy. This article answers… Continue Reading

Why I Speak in Tongues

When I was a young woman, I passionately longed to know God, so I took this ministry’s Foundational Class that explained from the Bible Who He is. One thing I learned from God’s Word is that He wants me to speak in tongues. After over forty years of victorious and joyful living, I’m still blessed… Continue Reading

Philippus – ein Könner im Erreichen Anderer

In Apostelgeschichte finden sich Berichte über Männer und Frauen, die unerschrocken auf andere Menschen mit Gottes Wort zugingen. Philippus war einer von ihnen und er ist ein eindrucksvolles Beispiel dafür, welch enormen Effekt ein Einzelner mit Gottes Wort auf eine komplette Gemeinde haben kann. In den Jahren nach Pfingsten herrschten schwere und beunruhigende Zeiten für… Continue Reading

Die Wiedergeburt verändert uns!

Die Geburt unserer Kinder war erstaunlich! Eingehüllt in diese kleinen Bündel war das Potential für Wachstum, das mit jedem neuen Tag kam! Aber so erstaunlich die „erste“ Geburt auch ist, so ist sie in nichts zu vergleichen mit der Größe der Wiedergeburt, wodurch wir Gottes Kinder werden. Wiedergeboren zu sein gibt uns gewaltige, potentielle Kraft,… Continue Reading

Manifesting Holy Spirit Power

What do these events from the Book of Acts have in common? Peter’s standing up and speaking on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:14-40) Peter and John’s healing the lame man at the Temple gate (Acts 3:1-10) Stephen’s doing great wonders and miracles among the people (Acts 6:8) Philip’s preaching Christ and doing miracles and… Continue Reading

God’s Gift of Holy Spirit

God is the greatest gift giver of all time. He knows what we need and when we need it, and He has the resources to meet our needs exceeding abundantly above all we could ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). Whenever someone is born again, God gives to His new son or daughter a very… Continue Reading

Nehemiah: Fully Persuaded for God

Nehemiah was serving in the trusted position of cupbearer to the king of Persia when men of Judah came and told him, “The remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with… Continue Reading

David: Strengthened for Victory

David is an Old Testament believer who stood victoriously for God. In seemingly insurmountable circumstances, he sought God first, gaining the strength and wisdom needed for success. A striking example of this is the record in I Samuel 30 of David emerging victorious over the Amalekites. Returning home to Ziklag after a mission with his… Continue Reading

La clé au pouvoir

Lorsque nous naissons de nouveau (Romains 10:9,10), Dieu nous donne le don de saint esprit afin que par Sa puissance et Son aide, nous puissions devenir plus semblables à Christ. La clé pour mettre en évidence cette puissance spirituelle se trouve en Romains, chapitre 12 : Romains 12:1,2 : Je vous exhorte donc, frères, par les compassions… Continue Reading

La clave al poder

Cuando renacemos (Romanos 10:9,10), Dios nos da el don de espíritu santo para que a través de Su poder y Su ayuda podamos crecer hasta ser más como Cristo. En Romanos, capitulo 12, encontramos la clave para evidenciar ese poder espiritual: Romanos 12:1,2: Así que, hermanos, os ruego por las misericordias de Dios, que presentéis… Continue Reading

Caleb: Wholehearted for God

Sometimes in life we face obstacles that can hinder us from reaching our goals. During these times we can be tempted to settle for less, even though we know more is available. In the Bible, there was a man who, while facing difficulties, decided to fully follow the Lord; as a result, he received what… Continue Reading

Joshua: Trusting in God

Joshua is an excellent example of someone who stood for God. He met many seemingly insurmountable obstacles with prevailing victory. Not discouraged by the size of the obstacles that challenged him, nor by the number of enemies he faced, Joshua accomplished remarkable feats. This was not by his own strength or ability but by the… Continue Reading

The Hope Provides Motivation

Anyone who has ever competed in a competition, such as running in a race, knows that striving for the winner’s circle includes much effort, endurance, and discipline of mind and body. Are there temptations along the way to give up? Could we feel tired, uncomfortable, or even weak? Sure, but we remind ourselves of the… Continue Reading

Unser Recht, Gottes Wort zu verkünden

Gottes Wort zu verkünden ist ein großartiges Privileg und unser Recht als Seine Kinder. Wenn wir dieses Recht ausüben, bringt es Erlösung in das Leben anderer und Vorteile für unser eigenes Leben. Gottes Wort sagt eindeutig, daß wir als Seine wiedergeborenen Kinder Botschafter an Christi statt sind. Und wir sind es jetzt – wir brauchen… Continue Reading

Philippe — un modèle concernant atteindre les gens avec la Parole

Dans le Livre des Actes, nous lisons des récits d’hommes et de femmes qui, sans crainte, ont atteint d’autres gens avec la Parole de Dieu. L’une de ces personnes dans les Écritures est Philippe. Philippe est un grand exemple de comment un individu peut influencer considérablement toute une communauté en atteignant d’autres gens avec la… Continue Reading

Felipe—un ejemplo de alcanzar a otros

En el Libro de Hechos, podemos leer relatos de hombres y mujeres quienes sin temor alcanzaron a otros con la Palabra de Dios. Una de tales personas de la cual leemos es Felipe. Felipe es un ejemplo poderoso de cómo un individuo puede tener un impacto maravilloso en toda una comunidad por medio de alcanzar… Continue Reading

Gott ist allgegenwärtig

Eine von Gottes unverkennbaren Eigenschaften ist, daß Er allgegenwärtig ist. Das mag uns schwer vorstellbar erscheinen. Hierbei ist es hilfreich zu wissen und sich in Erinnerung zu rufen, daß Gott Geist ist (Johannes 4:24) und nicht an irgendwelche fünf-Sinne-Begrenzungen gebunden ist. Gott ist überall gegenwärtig und doch kümmert Er sich um jeden von uns individuell… Continue Reading

The Hope Provides Endurance

Throughout the Bible, God communicated the truth of Christ’s coming to encourage believers, especially during challenging times. Believers in the Old Testament looked forward to the first coming of their Messiah, the Christ, and to their future resurrection from the dead. Today born-again believers look forward to the gathering together, when Christ returns for his… Continue Reading

The Hope Provides Comfort

When we confessed Jesus as lord and believed in our heart that God raised him from the dead, we received salvation. We were and are saved. There is great comfort in knowing that. Because we are saved, we also received the promise of eternal life. How comforting it is to know that about our future.… Continue Reading

Renacidos—¡Somos cambiados!

¡El nacimiento de nuestros hijos fue maravilloso! ¡Arropados en esos pequeños paqueticos estaba todo el potencial para crecimiento que llegaba con cada nuevo día! Pero así de maravilloso como es el «primer» nacimiento, nada se compara con la grandeza del nuevo nacimiento, por medio del cual llegamos a ser los hijos de Dios. Ser renacido… Continue Reading

Nés de nouveau : Nous sommes changés !

La naissance de nos enfants était extraordinaire ! Dans ces petits bouts de choux se trouvait tout le potentiel de croissance qui évoluait chaque jour ! Mais aussi extraordinaire que soit la « première » naissance, rien n’est comparable à la grandeur de la nouvelle naissance par laquelle nous devenons enfants de Dieu. Naître de nouveau nous donne une… Continue Reading

Unsere Kindschaftsrechte in Anspruch nehmen

Haben Sie schon einmal versucht, einem Kleinkind das Spielzeug aus der Hand zu nehmen? Wenn ja, dann haben sie vielleicht beobachten können, mit welcher Leidenschaft ein Kleinkind sein „Eigentum“ verteidigen kann! Man könnte es auch humorvoll als „Kleinkindbesitzansprüche“ bezeichnen. In anderen Worten, wenn es gefällt, wird es behalten. Einmal in ihren Händen, ist es ihres… Continue Reading

The Hope: Our Future Inheritance

Understanding the specific details found in God’s Word about the hope of Christ’s return is vital in a believer’s walk. This understanding gives us comfort, endurance, and motivation. God’s Word tells us that part of our Hope is an inheritance, and it also tells us what to do as we await his return and the… Continue Reading

The Hope: The Gathering Together

Shortly after Jesus ascended into heaven, two angels appeared to the apostles saying, “…this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). Knowing that Jesus Christ is coming back is vital to the born-again believer’s walk. It… Continue Reading

The Edification Challenge

All sorts of “challenges” have been showing up on the Internet in the last few years. People are daring one another to do everything from pouring a bucket of ice over themselves to eating a lot of spicy food quickly. Thousands of years before the Internet was even invented, God launched the “edification challenge.” God’s… Continue Reading

Keeping the Unity of the Spirit

As members in particular in the Body of Christ, we are encouraged by God to keep the unity of the spirit. It is His will for us to be united, to keep the spiritual unity that we have by the new birth, so that we can move together in the Body of Christ and receive… Continue Reading

Notre droit d’annoncer la Parole

Annoncer la Parole de Dieu est un merveilleux privilège et un droit que nous exerçons en tant que Ses enfants. L’exercice de ce droit amène la délivrance aux autres et nous procure également des bienfaits dans notre propre vie. La Parole de Dieu montre clairement qu’une caractéristique que nous avons en tant que Ses enfants… Continue Reading

Nuestro derecho de hablar la Palabra

Hablar la Palabra de Dios es un maravilloso privilegio y un derecho que podemos disfrutar como Sus hijos. Ejercer ese derecho trae liberación a otros y también provee beneficios para nuestras propias vidas. La Palabra de Dios claramente muestra que una característica que tenemos como Sus hijos renacidos es que somos embajadores en nombre de… Continue Reading

Your Part in the Body of Christ

Three years into my college education, I finally admitted to myself that the career path I had chosen was not the right fit for me. After a momentary panic, that realization set in motion my quest to discover the profession that was best suited for me: one that would be fulfilling, one that was compatible… Continue Reading

The Key to Power

When we get born again (Romans 10:9,10), God gives us the gift of holy spirit so that through His power and help we may grow to be more like Christ. The key to bringing that spiritual power into evidence is set forth in Romans, chapter 12: Romans 12:1,2: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the… Continue Reading

Paul in Athens—Giving Others the Opportunity to Believe

One of the greatest examples of love, compassion, and commitment in reaching others with the gospel of the grace of God is the Apostle Paul. His adventures recorded in the Book of Acts are set as a beautiful testimony of what it means to be a true follower of the way, the Lord Jesus Christ,… Continue Reading

Paul and Silas in Philippi⁠—Speaking God’s Word

God desires that we speak His Word so that we can reconcile people back to Him. He has given to us the ministry of reconciliation. II Corinthians 5:18: And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation. I know and… Continue Reading

A Letter about Paul and Barnabas

Dear Grandson, I was thinking about what a fine young man you are becoming. Your mother told me of how you had shared the Word with one of your friends at school. That made me think of this record about two men from the first-century Church who had a goal to speak God’s Word and… Continue Reading

Philip—an Example of Reaching Out

In the Book of Acts, we read records of men and women who fearlessly reached out with God’s Word. One such person we read about is Philip. Philip is a powerful example of how one individual can make a tremendous impact on a whole community by reaching out with God’s Word. During the years following… Continue Reading

Dios es omnipresente

Una de las características únicas de Dios es que Él es omnipresente. Para algunos de nosotros, este concepto puede ser difícil de entender. Ayuda el saber y recordar que Dios es Espíritu (Juan 4:24) y no está atado a ninguna limitación de los cinco sentidos. Dios es omnipresente, y aun así, Él toma cuidado de… Continue Reading

Dieu est présent partout

L’une des caractéristiques uniques de Dieu est qu’Il est présent partout. Pour certains d’entre nous, ceci peut être un concept difficile à comprendre. Il est utile de savoir et de se rappeler que Dieu est Esprit (Jean 4:24) et qu’Il n’est pas lié par une limitation quelconque selon les cinq sens. Dieu est présent partout,… Continue Reading

Nothing Can Separate Us from God’s Love

People in this world can go day by day feeling distant, disconnected, and separated from God. They may even hear or read that God loves them, but still feel unworthy and unlovable. I was one of those people. I yearned to know God and to have His love, yet I felt separated from Him. I… Continue Reading

We Have Peace

On a recent trip to the Canadian coast, I saw some of the world’s largest ships in a major port. In ports like this, one may observe massive cargo vessels, some over one thousand feet long, arriving and departing. Yet, when storms make the port waters choppy, few cargoes are delivered. Instead, these ships often… Continue Reading

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