Living More Abundantly in the Now of Today

The hope of Christ’s return is a promise that every born-again believer can look forward to with joy and thankfulness. The blessings and rewards that will be revealed to us on that glorious day are greater than anything we can comprehend in this life. However, God’s promises that apply to us in this time, in… Continue Reading

Claiming the More Abundant Life

When I first heard the term “the more abundant life,” which is based on John 10:10, I thought it meant the physical abundance that is available—a good-paying job, nice car, nice clothes, nice house—all the things in the physical realm that would make a person prosperous and comfortable in this world. With God, all those… Continue Reading

God’s Kids Share the Word with Others

Kids make moving the Word so simple. As children learn God’s Word from their parents, they love to share it with others as the opportunity arises. We can learn from their example of speaking the Word with boldness. A child’s love for the Word is developed as the parents teach and live the Word. Deuteronomy… Continue Reading

The Power of the Question

Have you ever had something that you wanted to learn to operate more effectively—perhaps a piece of equipment, a computer program, or a talent? How about your ministry of reconciliation? II Corinthians 5:18: And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry… Continue Reading

Believing Images of Victory

Many successful athletes in the world today use images of victory to help them achieve their goals and win in their areas of competition. As ambassadors for Christ, we can use believing images of victory to experience great success in outreach. We can picture ourselves speaking God’s Word with confidence and boldness, overcoming any hesitation.… Continue Reading

Effective Ambassadors for Christ

God has called us to be His ambassadors, His representatives of high rank, standing in Christ’s stead (II Corinthians 5:20). God wants us to enjoy being His ambassadors for Christ, and He shows us from His Word how to know when we are being effective so we can be successful in reconciling others to Him… Continue Reading

Workers Together with God in Outreach

I find that activities, projects, and events are more fun when I get to do them with others rather than by myself. When we reach out with God’s Word and His love, we are never alone—we are workers together with God in outreach! I Corinthians 3:9: For we are labourers together with God: ye are… Continue Reading

Live God’s Love

Every day, each of us can choose to look at what God’s Word says. When we hold God’s Word in mind and act on it, we are renewing our minds. One key to renewing our minds is living God’s love. God’s love is different than human love. Let’s look at what this love is, how… Continue Reading

Practice the Presence of God

God is an ever-present reality in our lives, whether we recognize it or not. And He is always near to lead and guide His people. As we direct our thoughts toward God and His Word, acknowledging Him in all our ways, we have the promise that He shall direct our paths. In any situation, we… Continue Reading

Manifestons la patience

Au cours des dernières heures de son ministère terrestre, Jésus-Christ a prononcé ces paroles à ses disciples : « Comme le Père m’a aimé, je vous ai aussi aimés. Demeurez dans mon amour » (Jean 15:9). Jésus-Christ aimait les gens, et un attribut de cet amour qu’il manifestait était la patience. Voyons ce que signifie être patient et… Continue Reading

Manifestemos la longanimidad

En las últimas pocas horas de su ministerio terrenal, Jesucristo habló estas palabras a sus discípulos: «Como el Padre me ha amado, así también yo os he amado; permaneced en mi amor» (Juan 15:9). Jesucristo amó a las personas, y un atributo de ese amor que él manifestó fue longanimidad. Veamos qué significa ser longánimo… Continue Reading

Recognize Our Position in Christ as Sons of God

I have worked many different jobs that included various positions and responsibilities. With some of them, I received a lot of training, but with others, I received minimal training. Yet in all of these job positions, I was confident in my ability to be victorious in whatever I did. How could I do this? By… Continue Reading

Study the Word of God

When we get born again (Romans 10:9,10), we receive the gift of holy spirit from God. With that gift comes the ability to walk powerfully as Jesus Christ walked, and the key to manifesting this power is lining up our thoughts and actions with God’s Word. This is how we are transformed by the renewing… Continue Reading

Enjoying the Good of Our Labor

The weeds had nearly overtaken the garden; yet amid these intruders stood some hearty beanstalks, squash vines, and strawberry plants. The young gardener set about clearing the weeds, and soon a pleasing array of plants emerged. Wiping away beads of sweat, the young cultivator viewed the garden bed with satisfaction, bending down to pick a… Continue Reading

I Can Do What the Word of God Says I Can Do!

It always thrills my heart when God’s Word comes to pass in my life. God is the Creator of all things, yet He calls Himself our Father and He loves to fulfill His promises to us, His children. The Scriptures are full of promises that equip us to have an “I can do all things”… Continue Reading

Preparados y dispuestos para declarar la Palabra de Dios

A medida que salimos para declarar a otros la grandeza de la Palabra de Dios, nos preparamos. Llenamos nuestros corazones con la Palabra y consideramos cómo compartirla con otros. También nos mantenemos deseosos de hablar por Dios, activamente buscando oportunidades para hacerlo. Por medio de prepararnos, tomando acción con disposición y aplicando algunas claves prácticas,… Continue Reading

Préparés et bien disposés à annoncer la Parole de Dieu

Lorsque nous sortons annoncer la grandeur de la Parole de Dieu aux autres, nous nous préparons. Nous remplissons notre cœur de la Parole et envisageons comment la partager avec les autres. Nous restons également disposés à parler pour Dieu, en recherchant activement les occasions de le faire. En nous préparant, en agissant avec bonne volonté… Continue Reading

I Have What the Word of God Says I Have!

“Oh, What a Life I Live!” is the title song of the CD I was listening to. I thought about those words and became very thankful for how life is more than abundant for me as a born-again believer because of what God has given me through Christ. I have what the Word of God… Continue Reading

I Am What the Word of God Says I Am!

When I moved to the large city in which I now live, I looked for the right job for over a year. At times, the circumstances surrounding the situation tempted me to feel unqualified. I had to make a concerted effort to hold fast to what God says that I am and to believe it.… Continue Reading

Gottes volle Genüge Gestern, Heute und Morgen

Ich lebe in einer sehr großen Metropole der Vereinigten Staaten, wo ich manchmal mit verschiedenen Herausforderungen oder Bedürfnissen konfrontiert werde, die in körperlichen, mentalen und geistlichen Kategorien auftauchen. Ich frage mich dann: „Werde ich genug haben….“ und vervollständige die Frage in meinem Kopf mit dem, was ich brauche. Darunter fallen allgemeine Bedürfnisse wie finanzielle Mittel,… Continue Reading

Agreeing with God

“I think I can—I think I can—I think I can,” repeated the little blue engine as it chugged up the mountainside railroad track to bring toys and good food to the children on the other side of the mountain. This classic children’s story, The Little Engine That Could, illustrates a powerful truth: what we confess… Continue Reading

L.I.F.E. Lessons

Who is the Author of life? This was one of the many questions I found answers to in The Way Ministry’s Foundational Class on the Bible. The Creator of the heavens and earth, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the Author of life. And He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, so… Continue Reading

Blessed Is the Man That Trusteth in Thee

“We’re not evicting you, but you need to move out in eight weeks. We’re going to tear down the house.” What! I think this was the only time in my life when my jaw literally dropped. I was speechless. My husband and I were sitting across from our landlords. Our family had happily lived in… Continue Reading

Hablando lo que es bueno

Efesios 4:29: Ninguna palabra corrompida salga de vuestra boca, sino la que sea buena para la necesaria edificación, a fin de dar gracia a los oyentes. ¿No suena esto como una manera poderosa de vivir? Como creyentes renacidos, queremos que nuestra boca hable lo que es bueno. Y justo en el contexto de Efesios 4:29… Continue Reading

Exprimons quelque bonne parole

Éphésiens 4:29 : Qu’il ne sorte de votre bouche aucune parole mauvaise, mais, s’il y a lieu, quelque bonne parole, qui serve à l’édification et communique une grâce à ceux qui l’entendent. Cela ne paraît-il pas une façon puissante de vivre ? En tant que croyants nés de nouveau, nous voulons que notre bouche exprime quelque bonne… Continue Reading

Having a Quality Relationship with God

As God’s beloved children, the most important relationship we will ever develop and enjoy in our lives is the one we have with our heavenly Father. Because of His unconditional love and unfathomable giving toward us, He deserves to be number one in our hearts, spurring total devotion, praise, and love. This quality love relationship… Continue Reading

Worshipping God by Speaking in Tongues

Different ways of worshipping God may involve lighting candles, burning incense, or praying to certain statues; other forms of worship may vary depending on where one goes. In God’s Word, we read that God seeks for “true worshippers” to worship Him. How can we be true worshippers? As we will see in God’s Word, true… Continue Reading

Loving God Above All Else

As a Branch coordinator, I often remind our household fellowship coordinators to remember to take God with them wherever they go. It is possible to be so busy “serving God” that we forget the One we are serving. Our first most important relationship is the one we have with our heavenly Father, and we want… Continue Reading

Choosing to Be “Not Easily Provoked”

God gives man the freewill ability to choose what he will think and what he will do in any situation. No matter the circumstances, we can exercise our free will and choose to elevate our thoughts and actions to the highest level—the love of God. This allows for the greatest profit to our lives spiritually,… Continue Reading

Bringing Honor and Glory to God

When giving characteristics of God’s love, I Corinthians 13:5 says that love “Doth not behave itself unseemly….” The context of this verse deals with the Greek word agapē, which is the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation. The love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation does not behave itself unseemly.… Continue Reading

Elterliche Autorität in der Kindererziehung

Nach der Geburt meines ersten Enkelkindes dachte ich mir, welche Freude es meiner Tochter und meinem Schwiegersohn bringen würde, wenn sie sich entscheiden würden, ihr Kind mit Gottes Beistand großzuziehen. Wird es herausfordernd sein? Ganz bestimmt! Aber wenn Eltern sich entscheiden, ihre Kinder gemäß Gottes Wort zu erziehen und nicht nach weltlichem Standard, wird die… Continue Reading

Le mariage : L’amour et le respect

Avez-vous jamais remarqué combien il y a de chansons d’amour ? L’amour est certainement un sujet d’intérêt ! Certaines de ces chansons, bien que mélodieusement emballantes et divertissantes, donnent des conseils contradictoires quant à comment démarrer et entretenir une relation amoureuse. En revanche, la Parole de Dieu fournit de sages conseils clairs et cohérents quant à comment… Continue Reading

El Matrimonio: amor y respeto

¿Alguna vez ha notado cuántas canciones de amor hay? ¡El amor es ciertamente un tema de interés! Aunque son muy pegajosas y entretenidas, algunas de estas canciones proveen consejos contradictorios sobre cómo comenzar y mantener una relación romántica. En contraste, la Palabra de Dios provee consejo sabio, claro y constante para mantener una relación matrimonial… Continue Reading

Serving in Love

He arose from supper and reached for a towel—a piece of cloth worn by servants and persons in waiting. He fastened it to his waist, signifying the lowliness of the action he was about to take. After pouring water into a basin, God’s only begotten Son began to wash the dusty feet of his disciples.… Continue Reading

Manifesting Long-Suffering

In the last few hours of his earthly ministry, Jesus Christ spoke these words to his disciples, “As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love” (John 15:9). Jesus Christ loved people, and an attribute of that love he manifested was long-suffering. Let’s look at what it means… Continue Reading

Baptism: Then and Now

Biblically, the word “baptize” means to wash, to cleanse by washing, to dip, or to immerse. In Old Testament times, the children of Israel baptized, or washed, themselves outwardly as a means of symbolizing spiritual cleanliness. In Gospel times, John the Baptist performed this cleansing for others. His baptism was a water baptism of repentance… Continue Reading

Declaring God’s Mighty Acts

In the Book of Psalms we see that one generation is to declare God’s mighty acts to the next generation. Since this is God’s will, then it must be beneficial. Psalms 145:3-5: Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and… Continue Reading

Being Ready to Meet the Need

He sat and once again read the scriptures, and they did not make sense to him. He was a man of great authority, who had come to Jerusalem to worship, and yet he did not understand what he was reading. What could he do to gain the understanding he desperately wanted? Suddenly, a man ran… Continue Reading

Des communications face à face

L’échange de textos ou SMS est devenu un moyen populaire de partager la Parole de Dieu avec d’autres ces jours-ci. Des versets encourageants de l’Écriture sont partagés, des invitations à des réunions de communion offertes et des requêtes de prière communiquées, le tout avec seulement quelques caractères et en quelques instants. Ces « micro-communications » nous aident… Continue Reading

Las comunicaciones cara a cara

Estos días los mensajes de texto han llegado a ser una manera popular de compartir la Palabra de Dios con otros. Se comparten versículos alentadores, se hacen invitaciones a las reuniones de comunión de casa, y se comunican peticiones de oración, todo con sólo unos pocos caracteres y un poco de tiempo. Estas «micro comunicaciones»… Continue Reading

Sharing the Truth from a Word-Filled Heart

I still remember a time when my sister and I were in high school, and she was sharing God’s Word with one of our friends in our kitchen at home. She was so bold and confident! She was taking The Way Ministry’s Foundational Class on the Bible and was learning God’s Word. She had so… Continue Reading

Prepared and Willing to Speak God’s Word

As we go out to speak the greatness of God’s Word to others, we prepare ourselves. We fill our hearts with the Word and consider how to share it with others. We also stay willing to speak for God, actively watching for opportunities to do so. By preparing, acting with willingness, and applying some practical… Continue Reading

Speaking Words That Heal

Several years ago, my husband hurt his back and was in excruciating pain. He was only comfortable when he laid on his side, motionless. This went on for several days. During this time, we went to the Word together, and the one verse that he really latched on to was Colossians 1:13: “Who hath delivered… Continue Reading

Reaching Out with Words That Minister Grace

Ephesians 4:29: Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. “Minister grace unto the hearers”—is that not a wonderful goal to pursue? God certainly thinks so, for He put it in His Word. There is power… Continue Reading

¿Cómo puedo conocer a Dios?

De acuerdo con la Biblia, Dios es Espíritu (Juan 4:24); por lo tanto, Él no tiene ninguna forma física. La Biblia también dice que Dios es invisible (I Timoteo 1:17) y que nadie le vio jamás (Juan 1:18). Basado solamente en este conocimiento, ¿entonces cómo podemos conocer a alguien Quien es invisible y Quien nadie… Continue Reading

Comment puis-je connaître Dieu ?

Selon la Bible, Dieu est Esprit (Jean 4:24) ; par conséquent, Il n’a pas de forme physique. La Bible dit aussi que Dieu est invisible (I Timothée 1:17) et que personne n’a jamais vu Dieu (Jean 1:18). En tenant compte de cette seule connaissance, comment donc pouvons-nous connaître quelqu’un Qui est invisible et Que personne… Continue Reading

Speaking Words That Build Up

Studies show that on average people speak thousands of words each day. That’s a lot of words! This means that as we go about our day, we have many opportunities to choose what words we speak. We can choose words that build up or words that pull down. In the Body of Christ, one key… Continue Reading

Pro-Truth—When Human Life Begins

In our day, the topic of abortion is receiving much attention, and we often hear discussions from two differing viewpoints. The pro-life viewpoint opposes abortion in varying degrees, and the pro-choice viewpoint favors a woman’s right to choose whether or not to bear a child. A key premise to both points of view is the… Continue Reading

Speaking That Which Is Good

Ephesians 4:29: Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Doesn’t this sound like a powerful way to live? As born-again believers, we want our mouths to speak that which is good. And right in the… Continue Reading

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