Manifesting Godly Confidence

Where does confidence come from? Some people may feel confident because they have a respected position at their job. Others may feel confident because they dress professionally or look a certain way. People do all kinds of things to help themselves feel comfortable and confident in different situations. And these things can contribute to one’s… Continue Reading

The Impact of Music in God’s Word

Two great purposes for godly music are to glorify God and to encourage His people. Godly music provides a means of recognizing God for all He has done and will do for His people and also encourages God’s people, bringing peace of mind so that they can better believe and claim His promises. Let’s see… Continue Reading

Vivre joyeusement : Prenons soin de notre corps physique

C’est le désir passionné de Dieu et Son plan intentionnel que Ses enfants vivent dans la joie chaque jour (Psaumes 118:24). Le mot français « joie » peut être défini comme « un sentiment très exaltant ; le bonheur ; un grand plaisir ; une délice ». Cela n’a-t-il pas l’air de quelque chose que vous aimeriez avoir ? C’est par Son plan… Continue Reading

Vivir con gozo: cuidar de nuestros cuerpos físicos

El deseo apasionado de Dios y Su diseño intencional es que Sus hijos vivan con gozo todos los días (Salmos 118:24). La palabra en español para «gozo» se puede definir como «sentimiento de placer y alegría originado por algo satisfactorio o apetecible». ¿No suena eso como a algo que a usted le gustaría tener? Fue… Continue Reading

“It Is Written”—Holding Fast to God’s Word

Every day, each one of us chooses the standards we will live by. If we want to gain positive results in life, the standard that will help us prevail every time is the matchless Word of God. Distractions and temptations may compete for our attention and allegiance, but we can choose to keep a spiritual… Continue Reading

Wir sind Superüberwinder!

Als ich ein Kind war, wollte ich ein Superheld sein. Ich wollte Verbrechen bekämpfen und Gerechtigkeit in die Welt bringen. Zu der Zeit hatte ich keine Ahnung, wie ich dieses Ziel erreichen würde, aber ich wusste, dass ich die Welt zu einem besseren Ort machen wollte. Als es Zeit für die Universität war, begann ich,… Continue Reading

Valuing God and His Word

Have you ever thought about what you value in life? As born-again believers, we value God and His Word, for He gives us instruction in righteousness—how to live rightly—in His Word (II Timothy 3:16). That’s valuable! As God’s children, we have been made spiritually righteous through the accomplished works of Jesus Christ. Although we don’t… Continue Reading

Building a Relationship with God by Reading the Bible

There’s a song I learned while serving at The Way International Headquarters that describes a tender relationship with God. Some of the lyrics go like this: “Close by His side, I will abide. / I love Him better every day.” We want to love Him better every day! One simple way we can build our… Continue Reading

Effective Communicators in the Workplace

Have you ever come away from a conversation or a meeting with a coworker wondering if the person really understood what you were trying to say? I know I have wondered at times if I effectively communicate with those with whom I work. How we communicate with others is important to our relationships in the… Continue Reading

Speaking Pleasant Words in Our Families

We can speak words in our families and in our homes that are consistently pleasant, kind, and sweet. The uplifting, positive, encouraging words we speak to one another can reflect God’s heart of love in our homes, bringing peace and having a powerful effect on every member of the family. Proverbs 16:24:Pleasant words are as… Continue Reading

Godly Communication Helps Make for a Peaceful Home

Our relationships at home prosper when we have proper, godly communication. I experienced this when I shared a house with some believers who all worked an early morning shift at a nearby store. Due to their schedule, they would eat breakfast before work and then leave dishes in the sink, intending to wash them as… Continue Reading

Planning and Preparation Make for a Peaceful Home

When our children were young, they often would ask to do things they were suddenly excited about. The requests would sound something like this: “Mommy, can we go swimming today?” “Can I have a friend sleep over tonight?” “Can we go out for supper now?” At times the answer they received was yes, much to… Continue Reading

Dieu veut que nous soyons libres

C’est absolument la volonté de Dieu que nous soyons libérés de toute prison ou tout lien qui entrave ou contraint. Les prisons ne sont pas seulement faites de barres d’acier. Bien souvent, nous avons des prisons mentales dont nous avons besoin d’être affranchis. Comment pouvons-nous nous en libérer et vivre concrètement la volonté de Dieu… Continue Reading

Dios quiere que seamos libres

Es la absoluta voluntad de Dios que seamos libres de toda prisión o cadena que nos encierra y ata. Las prisiones no solo están hechas de barras de acero. Muchas veces, tenemos prisiones mentales de las que necesitamos ser liberados. ¿Cómo podemos ser libres y volver una realidad la voluntad de Dios para nuestras vidas?… Continue Reading

Living Joyfully: Having an Active Prayer Life

It is God’s will for His children to live joyfully each day. We can have fullness of joy living in fellowship with Him.  I John 1:3,4:That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his… Continue Reading

Living Joyfully: With God We Have No Lack

Joyful living is ours to claim as sons of God. We can live joy-filled lives when we maintain our focus on God as our sufficiency, rather than on what we are seemingly lacking. We confess God as our sufficiency, not ourselves. We can see from God’s Word that it is the absolute will of God… Continue Reading

Living Joyfully: Stewarding Our Physical Bodies

It is God’s passionate desire and His intentional design that His children live with joy every day (Psalms 118:24). The English word “joy” can be defined as “a very glad feeling; happiness; great pleasure; delight.” Doesn’t that sound like something you would like? It is by God’s design that He has made His children spiritually… Continue Reading

Receive: Dechomai and Lambanō

Acts 1:8:But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost [holy spirit] is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. In Acts 1:8 Jesus was referring to the powerful promise from God that… Continue Reading

Rester humble : Zachée

Avez-vous jamais voulu poursuivre quelque chose d’important mais avez été gêné par des obstacles, notamment par ce que les autres pourraient dire ou penser ? Il y a un homme dans la Bible appelé Zachée qui avait quelque chose à poursuivre : il voulait voir Jésus. Et il n’a pas été dissuadé par des obstacles ou par… Continue Reading

Mantenerse humilde: Zaqueo

¿Alguna vez quiso usted lograr algo importante pero se vio desanimado por los obstáculos, incluso por lo que otros podrían decir o pensar de usted? Hay un hombre en la Biblia llamado Zaqueo que quería lograr algo—quería ver a Jesús. Y él no fue desanimado por los obstáculos o por lo que otros pudieran decir… Continue Reading

Wir Scheinen als Lichter in dieser Welt

Als ich ein junges Mädchen war, ging unsere Familie in den Ferien oft auf Campingausflüge. Mein Vater und meine Mutter fuhren mit meinen Schwestern und mir zu einem schönen Campingplatz im Wald oder in der Nähe einer Küste und stellten dort unser großes Zelt, unseren Campingherd und Liegestühle auf. Dies war für ein paar Tage… Continue Reading

Positive Ways to Make a Change

Some time ago, I realized that I had a mental habit that did not align with God’s Word. When faced with a challenge, in my mind’s eye I was still the youngster that always messed things up. Therefore, I expected to get things wrong. This certainly did not line up with God’s Word, which gives… Continue Reading

We Can Live a Life Free from Stress and Strain

When I was a child we played a game called tetherball, in which a tether, or length of rope, is connected to the top of a pole, and a ball is attached at the end of the rope. We would stand on either side of the pole and hit the ball in opposite directions. Seeing… Continue Reading

What Do I Need to Do to Be Free from Health Challenges?

God’s will is for every one of us to be released today from any physical or mental prison that may be holding us. Health challenges, such as chronic illness, unexpected sickness, or a diagnosed disease, are examples of things that can bind us physically and mentally. We have imperfect and corruptible bodies that are at… Continue Reading

Die Hirten empfangen Gottes Verkündigung

Eine meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen als Elternteil ist es, mit meinen Kindern Gottes Wort zu lesen und mit ihnen darüber zu sprechen. Es ist solch ein Segen und ein Privileg, ihren jungen Gemütern zu helfen, die bemerkenswerten Ereignisse zu verstehen, die Gott in seinem Wort festgehalten hat. Ein solches Ereignis findet sich in Lukas 2, als Gottes… Continue Reading

Sauvés pour de bonnes œuvres

Parfois, les chrétiens sont induits en erreur à propos du salut, pensant qu’ils sont sauvés par leurs bonnes œuvres. La Bible parle très clairement à ce sujet. Nous ne sommes pas sauvés par nos bonnes œuvres ; nous sommes plutôt sauvés par la grâce de Dieu pour de bonnes œuvres ! Notre salut est un don de… Continue Reading

Salvos para buenas obras

A veces, los cristianos son engañados con relación a la salvación, pensando que son salvos por sus buenas obras. La Biblia habla muy claramente sobre este tema. ¡No somos salvos por nuestras buenas obras, sino que somos salvos por la gracia de Dios para buenas obras! Nuestra salvación es un regalo de Dios—un regalo de… Continue Reading

God Wants Us to Be Free

It is absolutely God’s will that we are freed from every prison or fetter which encases and binds. Prisons are not only made of bars of steel. Many times, we have mental prisons that we need release from. How do we break free and experience God’s will for our lives? God’s Word gives us the… Continue Reading

Rooted and Grounded in God’s Word

In my home, I have several house plants that bring me much delight. I take care to see that they are planted in good soil, and I water them regularly. Why? Because they need the nutrients in the soil and plenty of clean water to grow and flourish and produce fruit. Their root systems bring… Continue Reading

Wir haben das Amt der Versöhnung

Von allen Zeitaltern in Gottes geistlichem Zeitplan, unter all den Jahrtausenden, die seit der Erschaffung Adams gekommen und gegangen sind, haben sie und ich das große Privileg, in der Amtszeit der Gnade zu leben. Nur in der Amtszeit der Gnade wurde Männern und Frauen die Verantwortung und Ehre übertragen, den Mensch mit Gott zu versöhnen.… Continue Reading

Receive, Retain, Release

As believers, we want to grow spiritually, and God wants this for us too. God never leaves us without the resources we need to grow. As a loving heavenly Father, He includes clear instruction in His Word. We will look at three steps in God’s Word that will help us grow spiritually. Receiving God’s Word… Continue Reading

Comment Dieu peut devenir notre Père

Enfant, j’ai appris que mes parents terrestres sont devenus mes parents parce qu’ils s’aimaient l’un l’autre et voulaient des enfants pour les aimer et être aimés d’eux. Mais qu’en est-il de Dieu ? Quand je suis né de nouveau, le fait d’apprendre pourquoi et comment je suis devenu un enfant de Dieu m’a aidé à développer… Continue Reading

Cómo Dios puede llegar a ser nuestro Padre

Cuando era niño, aprendí que mis padres terrenales se hicieron mis padres porque se amaban entre sí y querían tener hijos a quienes amar y ser amados por ellos. ¿Y cómo es con Dios? Cuando renací, al aprender por qué y cómo llegué a ser un hijo de Dios, me ayudó a desarrollar una relación… Continue Reading

Increasing in the Knowledge of God as a Family

As a believing husband and father, I have a deep desire to see my family experience the full impact of God’s love, power, and protection. Having seen God’s Word work in my life when I’ve applied its principles, I am eager to see my family reap the results of increasing in the knowledge of God.… Continue Reading

Staying Humble: Zacchaeus

Have you ever wanted to pursue something of importance but were hindered by obstacles, including what others might say or think? There is a man in the Bible named Zacchaeus who had something to pursue—he wanted to see Jesus. And he was not deterred by obstacles or by what others might say or think. He… Continue Reading

La prière parfaite

Les promesses de Dieu sont toujours suffisantes pour pourvoir à nos besoins afin que nous puissions vivre en étant plus que vainqueurs dans toutes les situations de la vie. Un aspect de notre style de vie de plus que vainqueur est notre vie de prière. Nous avons la capacité de prier efficacement et parfaitement pour… Continue Reading

La oración perfecta

Las promesas de Dios siempre son suficientes para suplir nuestras necesidades, de modo que podamos vivir como más que vencedores en todas las situaciones de la vida. Un punto importante en nuestro estilo de vida de más-que-vencedores, es nuestra vida de oración. Tenemos la habilidad de orar de manera efectiva y perfecta para tener nuestras… Continue Reading

God’s Spoken Word Brings Light

The first recorded words that God uttered, in Genesis 1:3, are “Let there be light.” From God’s Word, we learn the importance of light—both physical light and spiritual light. The greatness of all that God ever did and ever will do between the time of Genesis 1:3 and Revelation 22:5 is to make light available… Continue Reading

How Can We Be Fruitful in Every Good Work?

Do you want the works that you do to consistently produce good results, results that indicate who you are as a child of God? This is available. Colossians 1:10:That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful [bearing fruit, or results] in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of… Continue Reading

Fruitful in Every Good Work

“What do you think it means to be a good person?” my friend asked me one day. I was stunned. It was such a simple question, yet I didn’t know how to answer it. I had just told him that I didn’t care to learn about God and His Word; I just wanted to be… Continue Reading

Nous brillons comme des flambeaux dans ce monde

Quand j’étais petite, nos vacances en famille étaient souvent des voyages de camping. Papa et maman nous emmenaient, mes sœurs et moi, à un magnifique terrain de camping dans la forêt ou près de la plage et installaient notre grande tente, notre réchaud de camping et plusieurs chaises de jardin. C’était notre logis pour quelques… Continue Reading

Resplandecemos como luminares en este mundo

Cuando era niña, nuestras vacaciones familiares solían ser viajes para acampar. Mi papá y mi mamá nos llevaban a mis hermanas y a mí a un hermoso campamento en el bosque o cerca de la orilla del mar, e instalaban allí nuestra gran carpa, nuestra estufa y varias sillas de patio. Esta sería nuestra casa… Continue Reading

Saved Unto Good Works

Sometimes Christians are misled about salvation, thinking they are saved by their good works. The Bible speaks very clearly on this subject. We are not saved by our good works, rather we are saved by God’s grace unto good works! Our salvation is a gift of God—a gift of God’s grace. We cannot earn this… Continue Reading

Building a Relationship with God

God Almighty made it available for everyone who confesses and believes the truths in Romans 10:9 to become His children by way of His gift of holy spirit (Romans 8:16). As God’s children, we have full access to our heavenly Father at any time. We have full access to His love, resources, and attention. He… Continue Reading

Jesus Christ’s Relationship with His Father, God

No one knows God’s care as a Father more deeply and personally than His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The Gospels detail various characteristics of the Father-Son relationship that God and Jesus Christ enjoyed while Christ was on earth. It was a very familiar relationship, one that was comfortable, dependent, and affectionate—a relationship of open… Continue Reading

Getting to Know Our Father, God

If a young boy is asked, “What makes a dad good?” he might respond with a couple of characteristics that he likes about his dad, such as, “He plays with me” or “He takes care of me.” Because of the many things that his dad does for him, the child likely does not remember or… Continue Reading

How God Can Become Our Father

As a child, I learned that my earthly parents became my parents because they loved one another and wanted children to love and be loved by. But what about God? When I got born again, learning why and how I became a child of God helped me develop a sweet and intimate relationship with my… Continue Reading

Les bergers reçoivent l’annonce de Dieu

Un de mes passe-temps favoris en tant que parent est de lire la Parole de Dieu avec mes enfants et d’en parler avec eux. Aider leur intelligence juvénile à comprendre les événements remarquables que Dieu a fait consigner dans Sa Parole est une grande bénédiction et un immense privilège. Un de ces événements, qui se… Continue Reading

Los pastores reciben el anuncio de Dios

Como padre, uno de mis pasatiempos favoritos es leer la Palabra de Dios con mis hijos y hablarles de ella. Es una gran bendición y un privilegio ayudar a sus mentes jóvenes a comprender los eventos extraordinarios que Dios dejó registrados en Su Palabra. Uno de esos eventos, que se encuentra en Lucas 2, es cuando… Continue Reading

Being Fully Persuaded of God’s Love for Us

We learn in Romans, chapter 8, that as born-again believers, we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus and nothing can separate us from God’s love. Romans 8:37-39:…in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers,… Continue Reading

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