Paul and Silas in Philippi⁠—Speaking God’s Word

God desires that we speak His Word so that we can reconcile people back to Him. He has given to us the ministry of reconciliation. II Corinthians 5:18: And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation. I know and… Continue Reading

A Letter about Paul and Barnabas

Dear Grandson, I was thinking about what a fine young man you are becoming. Your mother told me of how you had shared the Word with one of your friends at school. That made me think of this record about two men from the first-century Church who had a goal to speak God’s Word and… Continue Reading

Philip—an Example of Reaching Out

In the Book of Acts, we read records of men and women who fearlessly reached out with God’s Word. One such person we read about is Philip. Philip is a powerful example of how one individual can make a tremendous impact on a whole community by reaching out with God’s Word. During the years following… Continue Reading

Dios es omnipresente

Una de las características únicas de Dios es que Él es omnipresente. Para algunos de nosotros, este concepto puede ser difícil de entender. Ayuda el saber y recordar que Dios es Espíritu (Juan 4:24) y no está atado a ninguna limitación de los cinco sentidos. Dios es omnipresente, y aun así, Él toma cuidado de… Continue Reading

Dieu est présent partout

L’une des caractéristiques uniques de Dieu est qu’Il est présent partout. Pour certains d’entre nous, ceci peut être un concept difficile à comprendre. Il est utile de savoir et de se rappeler que Dieu est Esprit (Jean 4:24) et qu’Il n’est pas lié par une limitation quelconque selon les cinq sens. Dieu est présent partout,… Continue Reading

Nothing Can Separate Us from God’s Love

People in this world can go day by day feeling distant, disconnected, and separated from God. They may even hear or read that God loves them, but still feel unworthy and unlovable. I was one of those people. I yearned to know God and to have His love, yet I felt separated from Him. I… Continue Reading

We Have Peace

On a recent trip to the Canadian coast, I saw some of the world’s largest ships in a major port. In ports like this, one may observe massive cargo vessels, some over one thousand feet long, arriving and departing. Yet, when storms make the port waters choppy, few cargoes are delivered. Instead, these ships often… Continue Reading

We Are Saved from the Wrath

Jesus Christ is our complete savior. A tremendous part of our enjoyment of the complete salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ is the knowledge that we are saved from the “wrath.” The Word sets forth this great truth for born-again believers. I Thessalonians 1:10: And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from… Continue Reading

We Are Sons of God

While growing up in my earthly family, it was exciting to learn of the many things I had access to use and enjoy simply because of my parents’ love and care for me. In our spiritual family, we also can take great delight in learning all that our heavenly Father gives to His children—those born… Continue Reading

Revendiquons nos droits de filiation

Avez-vous déjà essayé de retirer un jouet des mains d’un petit enfant ? Si vous l’avez fait, vous avez peut-être vu à quel point un petit enfant peut être passionné concernant la « propriété » des jouets ! Certains ont même donné à ce comportement un surnom amusant : « les lois sur la propriété des petits enfants ». En substance, s’ils… Continue Reading

Reclamar nuestros derechos filiales

¿Alguna vez ha tratado de quitarle un juguete de la mano de un niño? Si lo ha hecho, ¡quizá ha visto cuán apasionado puede ser el pequeño cuando se trata de su «derecho de propiedad» sobre los juguetes! Algunas personas incluso le han dado un nombre chistoso a este comportamiento: «la ley de propiedad del… Continue Reading

Wie man wiedergeboren wird

Als wir als zweifältige Lebewesen aus Leib und Seele auf die Welt kamen, war es nicht nötig zu wissen, wie man geboren wird. Um jedoch von Gottes Geist wiedergeboren und um zu einem dreifältigen Lebewesen aus Leib, Seele und Geist zu werden, müssen wir wissen, wie wir das empfangen, was Gott bereits verfügbar gemacht hat.… Continue Reading

Zwei Arten von Glauben

Man sagt, wenn jemand glaubt, erfolgreich zu werden, wird das eintreffen. Und wenn er glaubt, zu versagen, wird auch das eintreffen. Anders ausgedrückt, Erfolg und Versagen hängen beide davon ab, was jemand glaubt. Glauben ist ein Gesetz; wofür man glaubt, das wird man erhalten. Wußten Sie, daß es zwei Arten von Glauben gibt? Diese sind… Continue Reading

Born Again—We Are Changed!

The birth of our children was amazing! Wrapped up in those little bundles was all the potential for growth that came with each new day! But as amazing as the “first” birth is, nothing compares to the greatness of the new birth whereby we become God’s children. Being born again gives us mighty potential power… Continue Reading

Boldly Walking with Power

Have you ever been inspired by the boldness and power of the apostles in the Book of Acts or by the outspokenness of those in the Reformation? Ever since the day of Pentecost, Christians—born again of God’s holy spirit—can confidently and boldly walk with power in this world. There is an astounding truth for us… Continue Reading

Power in Prayer Together

As a freshman in college, it was my first time away from home. On the outside, I was excited and couldn’t wait to start my classes and participate in school activities. But on the inside, I was nervous. My mom was no longer close by to help me out, and I had many new responsibilities… Continue Reading

Being an Example of the Word

It is God’s will for us to live His Word and help others to do likewise. One effective way we can do this is to be an example that others can follow in living the Word. As people follow our example, together we can positively influence the cultures around us. Influencing cultures with God’s Word… Continue Reading

Our Right to Speak the Word

Speaking God’s Word is a wonderful privilege and a right we get to enjoy as His children. Exercising that right brings deliverance to others and also provides benefits in our own lives. God’s Word clearly shows that one characteristic we have as His born-again children is that we are ambassadors for Christ. And we are… Continue Reading

Cómo renacer

Cuando nacimos de nuestros padres terrenales como seres humanos físicos, de cuerpo y alma, no tuvimos la necesidad de saber cómo nacer. Sin embargo, para renacer del espíritu de Dios y llegar a ser seres tripartitos de cuerpo, alma y espíritu, tenemos que saber cómo recibir lo que Dios ha hecho disponible. ¿Por qué necesitamos… Continue Reading

Comment naître de nouveau

Lorsque nous sommes nés de nos parents terrestres comme des êtres humains de corps et âme, nous n’avons pas eu à savoir comment naître. Cependant, pour naître de nouveau de l’esprit de Dieu et devenir des êtres tripartites de corps, âme et esprit, nous devons savoir comment recevoir ce que Dieu a rendu disponible. Pourquoi… Continue Reading

Praying for Those in Authority

Each one of us lives under a certain government system ruled by different leaders. These government officials have a huge responsibility to govern diverse people with various backgrounds and beliefs by making decisions that affect their lives as citizens of that nation or area. Included among these citizens are God’s born-again sons and daughters. As… Continue Reading

Unsere Einstellung und unser Handeln in Sachen Heilung

Gott hat viele Berichte und Versprechen in Seinem Wort dem Thema Heilung gewidmet. Er lässt uns wissen, dass wir wunderbar gemacht sind und dass Ihm sehr viel an unserer Gesundheit liegt. Wenn unsere Gesundheit durch etwas beeinträchtigt wird, gibt es zwei Komponenten, die sich maßgebend auf unseren Heilungsprozeß auswirken können: unsere Einstellung und unser Handeln.… Continue Reading

Living without Fear

Spotting is a technique used by dancers during the execution of various dance turns. The goal of spotting is to attain a constant orientation of the dancer’s head and eyes in order to enhance the dancer’s control, prevent dizziness, and move in the right direction while turning. If dancers lose focus, they will often fall… Continue Reading

Blessed Is the Nation

Psalms 33:12: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. Let’s take time to savor this verse. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.…” The word “nation” in this verse is referring not to the governing structure of a nation, but… Continue Reading

God Is Everywhere Present

One of God’s unique characteristics is that He is everywhere present. For some of us this can be a difficult concept to understand. It is helpful to know and remember that God is Spirit (John 4:24) and is not bound by any five-senses limitations. God is everywhere present, and yet He cares for each of… Continue Reading

Les deux types de croyance

Il a été dit que si un homme croit qu’il réussira, il a raison. Et s’il croit qu’il échouera, il a également raison. En d’autres termes, le succès et l’échec sont tous deux déterminés par ce qu’une personne croit pour recevoir. La croyance est une loi ; à mesure que quelqu’un croit, il reçoit. Et… Continue Reading

Los dos tipos de creencia

Se dice que si un hombre cree que va a tener éxito, está en lo cierto. Y si cree que va a fracasar, también está en lo cierto. En otras palabras, se determina tanto el éxito como el fracaso por lo que la persona cree que va a recibir. Creer es una ley; como uno… Continue Reading

Wherever We Go, Let’s Speak the Word We Know

In Acts 1:8, Jesus Christ told the twelve apostles that they would receive power and be witnesses unto him to the entire world. He said, “…ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” They received that power on the… Continue Reading

Speaking God’s Word in the Household

As Christians, we have the joy of interacting with other believers in the household of God. Whether we are at a fellowship gathering, going witnessing, or working together, we can greatly impact our fellow believers by taking the initiative to speak God’s Word to them in love. We can take full advantage of the many… Continue Reading

Speaking God’s Word to Our Co‑workers

Many people spend a lot of their awake time at work. It can be so easy to go about our business and not get involved with our co‑workers. But the people we work with are just that—people. And people have needs in their lives! We can help these people because we have the authority to… Continue Reading

Speaking God’s Word with Our Family and Friends

Once I believed God’s Word and experienced the victories it brought to my life, I had a natural desire to speak His Word and share this important part of my life with my family and friends. These people were very close to me in heart. Because I cared deeply about them and wanted them to… Continue Reading

Claiming Our Sonship Rights

Have you ever tried to take a toy from a toddler’s hand? If you have, you may have seen how passionate a toddler can be concerning “ownership” of toys! Some people have even given this behavior a humorous nickname: “the toddler property laws.” In essence, if they like it, it’s theirs; if it’s in their… Continue Reading

Notre attitude et nos actions à l’égard de notre guérison

Dieu a consacré une bonne partie de Sa Parole à des récits et des promesses de guérison. Il nous dit que nous sommes des créatures merveilleuses et que notre santé est Son grand désir. Si notre santé devient compromise, deux composantes qui influencent grandement notre capacité de recevoir la guérison sont notre attitude et nos… Continue Reading

Nuestra actitud y acciones hacia nuestra sanidad

Dios ha dedicado mucho de Su Palabra a relatos y promesas acerca de la sanidad. Él nos dice que fuimos formados maravillosamente y que nuestra salud es Su gran deseo. Si nuestra salud se ve comprometida, dos componentes que influencian grandemente nuestra habilidad para recibir sanidad son nuestra actitud y nuestras acciones hacia nuestra sanidad.… Continue Reading

Die Integrität von Gottes Wort

Alles, was von wahrer Integrität ist, ist verlässlich und vertrauenswürdig. Wie steht es mit Gottes Wort? Besitzt es Integrität? Weil Gott das geschriebene Wort verfasst hat, werfen wir einen kurzen Blick darauf, was das Wort über Gottes eigene Integrität aussagt. Wie wir sehen werden, besitzt Gott tatsächlich äußerste Integrität. Daher hat Sein Wort dieselbe unübertroffene… Continue Reading

Jesus Christus: Unser verheißener Same

Bereits in den ersten Kapiteln im Buch Mose ist dokumentiert, welch erstaunliche Liebe Gott für den Menschen hat. Er richtete die Erde so her, dass der Mensch darauf wohnen und eine innige Beziehung mit Gott haben konnte. Als der Mensch nach dem Sündenfall seine geistliche Verbindung zu Gott verloren hatte, handelte der Schöpfer allen Lebens… Continue Reading

Power in Renewing the Mind

Ephesians 1:19,20: And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power, Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places. When we get born again (Romans 10:9,10), we… Continue Reading

Fellowship with the Father

From before the foundation of the world, God has longed for sons and daughters to love Him and enjoy fellowship with Him. When we are born again of God’s spirit, we have access to God. We become His children and instantly become part of a family—the family of God, with God as our Father (Ephesians… Continue Reading

La integridad de la Palabra de Dios

La gente confía en cualquier cosa que tiene verdadera integridad y depende de ella. ¿Qué hay de la Palabra de Dios? ¿Tiene integridad? Dado que Dios es el Autor de la Palabra, echemos un vistazo rápido a lo que ella dice acerca de la propia integridad de Dios. Como veremos, Dios ciertamente tiene gran integridad;… Continue Reading

L’intégrité de la Parole de Dieu

Tout ce qui a une vraie intégrité est digne de confiance et nous pouvons compter sur cela. Qu’en est-il de la Parole de Dieu ? A-t-elle de l’intégrité ? Parce que Dieu est l’Auteur de Sa Parole, jetons un bref regard sur ce qu’elle dit au sujet de l’intégrité de Dieu Lui-même. Comme nous le verrons, Dieu… Continue Reading

What Is the Gift of Holy Spirit?

At the time of the new birth, a person receives Christ in them, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27), which is the gift of holy spirit. The gift of holy spirit is inherent spiritual ability that we have the authority and right to put into operation. The gift of holy spirit was first made available… Continue Reading

How to Get Born Again

When we were born to our earthly parents as physical, body-soul human beings, we did not have to know how to be born. However, to become born again of God’s spirit and become three-part beings of body, soul, and spirit, we must know how to receive what God has made available. Why do we need… Continue Reading

Der lebendige Gott

In Apostelgeschichte, Kapitel 14, wird berichtet, wie Paulus in der Stadt Lystra im Beisein von Barnabas einen Mann heilte, der von Geburt an nicht laufen konnte. Apostelgeschichte 14:9,10: Der (der Mann) hörte Paulus reden. Und als dieser (Paulus) ihn ansah und merkte, dass er glaubte, ihm könne geholfen werden, sprach er mit lauter Stimme: Stell… Continue Reading

Gleichgesinnt sein

In den ersten Tagen der Amtszeit der Gnade wurden die wiedergeborenen Gläubigen Teil von etwas ganz Neuem – der Gemeinde der Gnade, dem Leib Christi. Sie bewegten sich weg von ihrem judäischen Hintergrund hin zu einem völlig neuen Lebensstil. Es war wichtig, dass sie vereint und gleichgesinnt blieben, um sich gemeinsam in die gleiche Richtung… Continue Reading

An Gott geben – der Zehnte

Während ich heranwuchs, sah ich jeden Sonntag in der Kirche den praktischen Aspekt des finanziellen Gebens an Gott. Aber erst Jahre später, als Erwachsener, verstand ich die Grundlehre aus Gottes Wort über das systematisch finanzielle Geben an Gott. Das Verständnis darüber, was Gottes Wort sagt, stärkte mich in meiner Überzeugung, dass es richtig und angemessen… Continue Reading

Standhaft sein im Glauben

In den Evangelien findet sich ein beachtenswerter Bericht über eine Frau, die ein Bedürfnis hatte und die entschlossen war, ihr Bedürfnis erfüllt zu sehen. Sie war standhaft in ihrem Glauben und erzielte die gewünschten Resultate. Ihr Beispiel zeigt, wie wichtig es ist, beharrlich zu glauben, während man tatkräftig nach Lösungen sucht, wenn man vor einem… Continue Reading

Gemeinschaft in der Ehe

Im Buch I. Mose legt Gott die Grundlagen für das Leben und für die Ehe fest. Als Er die Himmel und die Erde wieder in Ordnung brachte, sah Er Mal für Mal, dass Sein Werk gut war. Doch eine Sache war in Gottes Augen nicht gut – dass der Mensch, den Er geschaffen hatte, allein… Continue Reading

Choosing Spiritual Knowledge to Win

Most people desire to win in life. They want to have victories and success in their lives. If it were available to have an edge, or special advantage, to help you be successful, would you want to have it? As born-again believers we do have that special advantage—the spiritual advantage! We have God’s written Word… Continue Reading

Taking Delivery on the Promises of God

The ability to deliver on a promise is an important quality that leads to success in many categories of life. In the business world, a corporation’s ability to deliver on a promised product or service gives the company a competitive advantage and is critical to its profitability. However, due to any one of a number… Continue Reading

Believing: Are You Limiting God?

For about a month, the gas stations in my state limited the number of gallons a person could purchase each visit. There was a shortage, so the maximum we could buy was ten gallons at a time. Soon after this ration was lifted, I saw a consumer still only buying ten gallons. He didn’t realize… Continue Reading

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