Jesus Christ: The Way to the Father

If you have ever used a Global Positioning System (GPS), you know that you are usually given several options or routes for how you could get to your destination. This is not the case, however, when our destination is God. He has mapped out very clearly the ONE way we can have access to Him.… Continue Reading

Jesus Christ: Our Savior

God originally made man a threefold being—body, soul, and spirit. But ever since the fall of man, mankind was in a dilemma. Man had a huge problem: he had lost God’s created spirit. He lost his spiritual connection with God, Who is Spirit. Now man was just body and soul. Man was not whole and… Continue Reading

Jesus Christ: Our Promised Seed

God’s Word records from the early chapters in Genesis the amazing love that God has for His people. He set up the earth so that mankind could inhabit it and so that mankind could have a loving relationship with Him. After the fall of man, when man lost his spiritual connection with God, the Author… Continue Reading

Donner à Dieu — La dîme

En grandissant dans l’église, je voyais l’aspect pratique de donner à Dieu financièrement chaque dimanche. Mais ce fut des années plus tard, à l’âge adulte, que j’ai appris à partir de la Parole de Dieu la base doctrinale de donner financièrement et systématiquement à Dieu. Le fait de comprendre ce que dit la Parole de… Continue Reading

Dar a Dios—El diezmo

Al crecer asistiendo a la iglesia, yo vi el aspecto práctico de dar a Dios financieramente cada domingo. Pero no fue sino años después, siendo adulto, que aprendí de la Palabra de Dios la base doctrinal del dar financiero sistemático a Dios. Entender lo que dice la Palabra de Dios fortaleció mi convicción de que… Continue Reading

God Is Our Heavenly Father

From another room, I confidently and calmly called out for help: “Daddy!” My sister and I were stuck and we needed help. We had decided to fix a broken lamp by ourselves. Although we were of a responsible age, we did not have experience working with the type of heavy-duty glue we had decided to… Continue Reading

God Is Our Protector

As a new parent with a toddler, I’m concerned daily for her safety and protection. Wherever we are, I scan our environment for potential hazards, removing delicate or harmful items from her little hands’ reach. I run to catch my daughter before she falls, hold her hand as she climbs the stairs, and pick her… Continue Reading

God Is Our Refuge

Our God is a loving Father to us, His children. He takes care of every need we may have in life. One way God shows His love to us is by being our refuge. In Psalm 46 we see this truth very clearly. Psalms 46:1: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help… Continue Reading

Persistir en nuestra creencia

Los Evangelios contienen un relato extraordinario de una mujer que tenía una necesidad y estaba determinada a que le fuera suplida. Ella persistió en su creencia y recibió los resultados que deseaba. Su ejemplo muestra la importancia de seguir creyendo cuando enfrentamos algún desafío, mientras tanto buscamos activamente una solución. Leamos acerca de ella en… Continue Reading

Persistons dans notre croyance

Les Évangiles contiennent un remarquable récit d’une femme qui avait un besoin et qui était déterminée à le voir comblé. Elle a persisté dans la croyance, et elle a reçu les résultats désirés. Son exemple montre l’importance de continuer de croire pendant que nous cherchons activement une solution, lorsque nous faisons face à un défi.… Continue Reading

El compañerismo en el matrimonio

En Génesis, Dios estableció el fundamento para la vida y para el matrimonio. A medida que estaba poniendo en orden los cielos y la tierra, Él vio una y otra vez que Su obra maestra era buena. Aun así, una cosa no era buena en los ojos de Dios—no era bueno que el hombre que… Continue Reading

La compagnie dans le mariage

En Genèse, Dieu a posé les fondations pour la vie et le mariage. À maintes reprises, alors qu’Il mettait les cieux et la terre en ordre, Il vit que Son œuvre était bonne. Cependant, une chose n’était pas bonne aux yeux de Dieu : il n’était pas bon que l’homme qu’Il avait créé soit seul. Genèse… Continue Reading

God Is Our Sufficiency

II Corinthians 3:4,5: And such trust have we through Christ to God-ward: Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God. God as our Father desires to take care of His children. He never intended for us to be sufficient of ourselves, trying to… Continue Reading

The Living God

The Book of Acts records in Acts 14 that while in the city of Lystra with Barnabas, Paul healed a man who had been unable to walk since birth. Acts 14:9,10: The same [the man] heard Paul speak: who [Paul] stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith [believing] to be healed, Said with… Continue Reading

Breaking Bread Together

From holiday get-togethers to casual gatherings, some of my favorite memories from over the years involve food—the breaking of bread with friends and family. These are times I cherish, not because of the food present but because of the fellowship that comes with it. Breaking bread together with believers promotes full-sharing fellowship, keeping God first,… Continue Reading

Edifying One Another

As believers in the Body of Christ, we want to help each other grow spiritually. One way to do this is by edifying, or building up, one another. God, through His Word, not only exhorts us to do this, but He gives us practical keys on how to do it. As we explore these keys,… Continue Reading

Bearing One Another’s Burdens

One Friday evening, after a long workweek, I decided that even though I was pretty tired, I would go do my weekly grocery shopping. When I returned home, I unloaded my purse, my briefcase, and several bags of groceries from the car and began carrying them across the parking lot toward the building where I… Continue Reading

Being in One Accord

In the early days of the Grace Administration, the born-again believers were a part of something new—the Church of Grace, the one Body of Christ. They were stepping away from their Judean background into a whole new lifestyle. It was very important for them to be unified and like-minded so they could move together in… Continue Reading

Financial Stewardship—Joyfully Living Debt-Free

While economic circumstances may fluctuate and change, it is available to live life to the fullest, enjoying the freedoms and stewarding the abundance our heavenly Father has made available. When we live debt-free, it is a lifestyle of financial stability, free from financial entanglements. There is joy in living debt-free. To help understand this, we’ll… Continue Reading

Vivir un día a la vez

La mayoría de las personas estarían de acuerdo en decir que el preocuparse y afanarse con temor acerca del futuro no es una manera muy agradable de pasar el tiempo. Así que, cuando surgen estos pensamientos de afán, ¿cómo podemos pararlos? Un principio maravilloso que podemos operar es vivir un día a la vez. En… Continue Reading

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