About The Way International

Established in 1942 “for the glory of God and the accuracy of His Word,” The Way International is a nondenominational Christian ministry dedicated to reaching people worldwide with the accuracy of God’s Word so that they can experience a more abundant life. We believe that God makes it available for His people to live life above the… Continue Reading

David:  Strengthened for Victory

David: Strengthened for Victory

David is an Old Testament believer who stood victoriously for God. In seemingly insurmountable circumstances, he sought God first, gaining the strength and wisdom needed for success. A striking example of this is the record in I Samuel 30 of David emerging victorious over the Amalekites. Returning home to Ziklag after a mission with his… Continue Reading

Caleb:  Wholehearted for God

Caleb: Wholehearted for God

Sometimes in life we face obstacles that can hinder us from reaching our goals. During these times we can be tempted to settle for less, even though we know more is available. In the Bible, there was a man who, while facing difficulties, decided to fully follow the Lord; as a result, he received what… Continue Reading

Joshua:  Trusting in God

Joshua: Trusting in God

Joshua is an excellent example of someone who stood for God. He met many seemingly insurmountable obstacles with prevailing victory. Not discouraged by the size of the obstacles that challenged him, nor by the number of enemies he faced, Joshua accomplished remarkable feats. This was not by his own strength or ability but by the… Continue Reading

The Hope Provides Motivation

The Hope Provides Motivation

Anyone who has ever competed in a competition, such as running in a race, knows that striving for the winner’s circle includes much effort, endurance, and discipline of mind and body. Are there temptations along the way to give up? Could we feel tired, uncomfortable, or even weak? Sure, but we remind ourselves of the… Continue Reading

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